How to Improve Your Spring Landscape with Topsoil, Compost and More

Despite the groundhog’s insistence, spring is almost here. A healthy yard needs a strong foundation, but the approaches can be overwhelming. Here are some basic uses for topsoil, fill dirt, sand, mulch and compost, to help your home or business exterior look its best.

1) Topsoil: Use quality-processed topsoil for flowerbeds or raised garden beds or as you plant new shrubs or trees. Full of the organic matter necessary to help your landscape thrive, topsoil can also be used to encourage grass growth if you have dead spots in your lawn or as a base for sowing grass seed or laying sod.

2) Fill dirt: Use fill dirt to address low points or holes on your property. Fill dirt is a mixture of clay, sand, and broken-down rocks that provides a stable base for landscape modifications, as well as building and outbuilding foundations.

3) Sand: Use masonry sand as a reasonably priced option to topdress your lawn and encourage proper drainage.

4) Mulch: Use mulch as the top layer in your landscaping beds. Mulch does not block all weeds, but in most environments, provides a more effective weed barrier than pine straw.

5) Compost: Use compost can be used in combination with topsoil, sand or clay to provide a nutrient-dense soil for landscaping beds or raised garden beds or in container gardens. A thin layer can be used on top of areas of erosion in your yard to help prevent further erosion. Compost can also be used as an alternative to sand or soil for topdressing and aeration.

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