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Preparing Your Property for a New Structure

Building a new structure on your property – whether a house, a barn, a garage, or something else specific to your property’s function – is exciting. However, before any walls can go up, it’s crucial to prepare properly. Here are three key steps that help make sure your new structure is built on a solid foundation.

  1. Demolition – If your property has an existing structure, foundation or concrete or asphalt surface, before you can build something new, you must tear down and remove what it currently there. A myriad of home improvement shows suggest that demolition is a great project for homeowners to take on themselves to save money, but with a complete demolition of a structure, it is both safer and more cost-effective to hire a professional demolition crew. A professional demolition contractor uses heavy hydraulic equipment to tear an existing building to pieces. They also load the debris into large roll-off containers or directly into a truck for removal. Typically, this type of demolition takes only 1-3 days to complete, including the removal and disposal of debris. If the demolition project includes unique circumstances, such as lead paint, mold or asbestos, the project timeline or costs may increase. An excavation contractor can advise you on any permits or inspections your town requires to legally complete the project.
  2. Lot Clearing – In addition to the demolition of existing buildings and surrounding asphalt or concrete surfaces, it may be necessary to remove trees, brush, large stones or other obstacles that impede the development of your land. An experienced lot clearing contractor can determine the appropriate equipment and execute a plan to clear your property, while insuring that elements you’d prefer to remain, established trees or landscaping, for example, are not damaged in the process.
  3. Grading – Now that both demolition and lot clearing have completed, a grading contractor can create a safe, level base for a home foundation, driveway, or a new landscape project. Proper grading at the start lowers your risk of foundation/structural issues in the future, and any areas prepared for landscaping will have proper water runoff and drainage to lower erosion risk.

If you are ready to move forward with a project your your property, GL Williams & Daughter Trucking offers demolition, debris removal, lot clearing and grading services as part of our comprehensive portfolio of property maintenance services. We can complete one or more of these services to help your prepare your property for its next structure. As part of their eco-conscious objectives, GL Williams & Daughter Trucking recycles concrete and asphalt removed during the demolition process at our facility for construction aggregate.

GL Williams & Daughter Trucking is a full-service trucking company. We offer a variety of services for your property maintenance needs, including mulching, land clearing, demolition and driveway and pondwork. We are a woman-owned business located in Graniteville, SC, to serve Augusta, GA (including Evans, Martinez, Grovetown, Hephzibah), Aiken & North Augusta, SC and the greater CSRA. We are DBE-certified SCDOT and GADOT. Contact us today at 803-663-3715 to discuss your residential or commercial needs.