Property Maintenance

Let G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking Inc. take care of your property maintenance needs, helping you improve both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of residential and commercial properties, as well as agricultural land and fields. Our experienced team and our fleet of vehicles, including trackhoes, brush cutters, and graders, can tackle even the most complex property maintenance projects. We specialize in clearing overgrowth around pond dams, retention ponds and underbrush on wooded lots and property lines. We also offer trail maintenance and fence row work.

Traditional clearing and property maintenance methods increase the risk of erosion and negatively impact the soil structure. G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking Inc. uses the forestry mulching approach to land clearing and property maintenance. Using our mulching equipment is healthier for your property and causes less erosion than traditional clearing, leaving all the mulching material to enrich your soil. Additionally, our equipment leaves no brush or burn piles and helps eliminates damage to the retained trees.

G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking Inc. is a full-service trucking company offering grinding, mowing, and mulching services, along with a variety of other products and services. Our company has proudly served the CSRA for more than 50 years, including Aiken, Graniteville, Warrenville, Trenton, Edgefield, Lexington, Columbia, Williston, Wagener and North Augusta, SC, as well as Augusta, Evans, Martinez, Grovetown and Hephzibah, GA. Contact us today at 803-663-3715 for a free estimate or to discuss your property maintenance needs.