The Applications and Benefits of Mulching Equipment

Mulching equipment offers a variety of property maintenance applications. Compact tractors and excavators with mulching heads can be used in several key ways, detailed below. Remember, choosing the proper type of equipment for each mulching job is crucial. GL Williams & Daughter Trucking can provide both the equipment and the knowledge to support your mulching needs.

Property clearing:
For property clearing, assess the different types of terrain and your maintenance goals before you begin any project. Compact equipment with mulching heads can do fence line work and can even handle down to the heavier grasses on property lines. The machines can clear brush and trees 4”-6” in diameter and grind stumps down to ground level. For thinning work or selective trees, an excavator mounted mulcher works best. The excavator mulching attachments also work best on pond dam and retention pond cleanup.

Removal of invasive species:
Mulching equipment can be highly effective to remove invasive species. Diseased plants, beetle-killed trees and invasive species of plants can all pose significant threats to native vegetation, water supplies and wildlife habitats. Compact mulching equipment can be an effective tool for vegetation management and can help reestablish the native habitat.

Forest wood fuel removal:
Underbrush allows for fires to elevate quickly to the tops of trees, where fires can spread the most. Removing the underbrush, creating proper clearances and firebreaks around homes that border the forests help create defensible spaces. Mulching can also be used to enhance the desired results of prescribed burns. Mulching is also an additional tool to consider for fire lines. When material is mulched directly into the ground, trees and soils are not pushed outside of the line and can reduce post fire costs and help rehabilitate the area. Mulching attachments can provide a top layer of mulch to prevent soil erosion on slopes. Alternatively, mulching material into the ground can help minimize water pollution.

Silviculture is the process of maintaining and improving forests. Mulching standing vegetation and trees can help prepare land for reforestation. The shredding action of the mulching attachments creates varied wood particle size with a shred texture. This variety and texture provides an ideal surface area to enhance decomposition and a soil structure that is beneficial to establishing the root system of new seedlings. Maintaining forests also helps with wildlife habitat maintenance and diversification.

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