Tips on Choosing the Right Gravel for Your Driveway

Gravel driveways have always been common in rural areas and are rising in popularity due to the lower cost of installation (versus asphalt or concrete), lower maintenance, and flexibility in design and aesthetic. In fact, if you are considering a gravel driveway for your home or business, you may be surprised at the variety of options available.

The most popular option for gravel driveways is crusher run. Crusher run varies from other gravel options because it includes both crushed rock and stone dust. These two materials will naturally adhere to each other, helping prevent shifting and scattering. A crusher run driveway can be machine compacted to further strengthen the bond and limit shifting. With typical use, vehicles only increase the stability of the driveway. On occasion some larger stones may shift away from the edges and need to be manually returned, and any weed growth – which should be minimum with crusher run – is best removed as noticed for the long-term health of the surface.

Another popular option is #57 stone. This material is produced from a combined of limestone, granite and trap rock. The name indicates the size of the individual stones, which are typically between 1” and 1.5” in diameter. #57 stone is readily available and fairly uniform in appearance, making it an attractive choice for gravel driveways. Additionally, the larger stones allow for excellent water drainage. However, this material is less ideal for sloped drives, since the larger size of the stones doesn’t allow for significant compaction, and rocks may slide with use or weather.

Here are some other options you may want to consider, depending on the specific needs of your source:

#89 stone – The size of these stones are smaller in size than #57 stone, though similar in appearance. Their smaller size means the stones themselves are less visually prominent, though since the stones are smaller, they are more likely to shift when driven over, especially along the edges, and benefits from proper edging as part of installation and maintenance.

Pea gravel – The size of these stones are similar in size to #89 stone, though typically softer/more rounded. Pea gravel is commonly used for flower beds and walkways, as well as playgrounds and dog runs. Pea gravel is also a viable option for driveways, giving the area a softer, uniform look. However, like #89 stone, the smaller stones are more likely to shift when driven over, especially along the edges, and benefits from proper edging as part of installation and maintenance. Pea gravel also comes in a variety of colors.

If your driveway will also be used for equestrian activities, consider an equine blend. Additionally, there are also recycled options available, including crushed concrete and recycled asphalt, making it possible to have a gravel driveway that is both attractive and more environmentally friendly.

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